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About us

Welcome to Annalise Candles the home of natural, luxury candles and scents.

We are Anne & Lisa and would like to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about our journey so far...

We met at our daughter's first day at primary school 17 years ago (both of our daughters are called Lucy) and instantly became friends.

During our friendship, in 2014, a mutual friend introduced us to her melts & tea lights which she handmade in her garden shed.  She wasn't interested in selling, more the making, so asked us if we would like to sell them for her? This is where we had to think up a business name...  

And so, Annalise was born with the name derived from our own names, Anne & Lisa.

We had 2 fragrances and took them out to friends and family for them to try.  They were really popular so we added more fragrances and decided to sell the products on stalls at farmers markets and charity / school events.  At this time we both worked together full time at our local dental practice.

After lunch at a newly opened tea rooms in Horwich, Chill at the Cowshed, we met with the owner who agreed to sell our range in the cafe. The owner explained they were converting 3 barns at the back in the courtyard into unique shops.  We were so excited, we put our name down for one there and then!

In May 2015 we opened our very own gift shop with a full range of candles, sprays, reed diffusers, cards and handmade gifts. We both continued to work part time at the dentist and part time in the shop until the business grew to the point where we could leave our dental jobs.

We were thrilled to have a shop - it was not in the plan but a major step for us!

In 2017, we purchased the candle business from our friend who wanted to retire. She gave us full training to enable us to take over the manufacturing of all the products. At this point we needed more space so we rented another room upstairs at the Cowshed - this space became our Candle Kitchen.  We had now left our jobs and were concentrating on our business full time.

We both work full time in our shop, splitting the week between making our scented products and being at the shop counter.  You might say, we effectively run two businesses now! 

The Candle Kitchen is extremely busy making up all products each day.  Choosing designs and labels, bottles and jars, soaps, making melts, testing and blending new fragrances, choosing new designs and scent names.

Our gift shop is filled with gifts for all occasions and we are both constantly looking at new trends and finding new stock. Our card range is extensive and we keep updating this with fresh lines. We support other local businesses by stocking their products and we try to stock items that are unique and different. 

We both love being in the shop..we have a great friendly relationship with our customers and create a calm and welcoming environment.

Candle manufacturing is very rewarding as we are creating a unique handmade product that we can sell and we know they work as we have many many regular customers.

All our products are lovingly handmade, using only the finest ingredients to ensure you receive an amazing high quality product. By using 100% natural soy wax together with premium fragrances and essential oils we have proudly created a unique range of products and bespoke fragrances to infuse your home with an effective, natural, long lasting aroma.

*Non-toxic  * Not tested on animals  * Vegan friendly 

We are sure Annalise Candles have a perfect fragrance for you and that you'll love our products as much as we do.

It is an amazing story and our friendship has grown to a solid, committed partnership as well. We have a fabulous relationship, we laugh everyday, we support each other with business and family and are extremely proud of our achievement. 

We would love for you to come and visit us in Horwich but if that's too far, join our Candle Club community where we build our customer relationships and give you a monthly exclusive offer.  See you there!

Scent with love from,

Anne & Lisa xx